LEMAC has been operating in the automation industry for over 20 years with both standard products and products tailored to meet your specific needs.

The significant presence in the automotive market has allowed the company a strong technological growth.

The study of logistics within the global scope of the complete system (integrated system) is certainly an important aspect to allow proper handling, in order to create a proper flow based on the requirements of the layout and of the production cycle.

LEMAC manufacturing is therefore based on the study, design and construction of embedded systems (conveyors, linear or orthogonal portals, robots) for handling items on production, assembly and storage lines.

Thanks to the synergy with the other companies within the group, LEMAC has standardized in its production range systems widely used on assembly lines (BONETTO) and in robotized areas with machine tools interlock (T-Mech).

• Handling and robots
• Standard pneumatic manipulators
• Portal manipulators
• Robot cells
• Machine tools interlocks