Melform, leader in the field of systems for the controlled temperature transport, is an Italian company, specialized in the study, engineering and production of insulated and refrigerated containers for the logistics and a wide range of trays and accessories for the Food service.

Melform boasts a highly qualified Technical Department able to study custom solutions for specific needs of storage and transport.

Thanks to the experience and advanced technology of Bonetto Group, the engineering area has been improved, consolidating its know-how in rotational and compression molding .

Melform is synonymous of safety and quality: the refrigerated containers Melform, known worldwide, meet the regulations, allow to work in HACCP environment and can be provided with the certification APPROVAL ATP and NF for road transport of perishable foodstuffs.

MELFORM – Bonetto Group – is a reliable partner in all fields where the temperature maintenance is an indispensable requirement for the protection of the QUALITY of the product: from Retailers to Vending, Food Industry and the Medical field.

• Catena del freddo/caldo
• Contenitori isotermici
• Trasporto a temperatura controllata
• Food and beverage
• Pocket-Bar